Experience our classroom designs in a more immersive way with 3D layouts. These visualizations help you understand the spatial arrangement and flow of the classroom, making it easier to plan your setup.

Early Head Start

18 Children-72m²-0-3 years

Preschool A

15 Children-70m²-3-5 years

Preschool B

12 Children-50m²-3-5 years

PreToddler A

12 Children-63m²-12-18 months

Toddler B

20 Children-80m²-12-18 months

Kindergarten A

25Children-120m²-5-6 years

Kindergarten B

20 Children-107m²-5-6 years

Toddler C

16 Children-83m²-24-36 months

Montessori Early Childhood

24Children-133m²-3-6 years

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