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Parenting With Technology

How to Create a Healthy balance with your Toddler

In the current digital world parenting with technology is complicated. This is because some parents think using the old fashioned ways of parenting is the only way to go. Instead, parents should integrate the old fashioned parenting principles with the new era of technology, because technology is here to stay. Technology is not only available to older kids and teenagers but also available to toddlers who are still young. For this reason, parents should focus on some aspects so that technology can be used in a healthy balanced way.

Have a Family Technological Plan

As a parent ensure your children are using technology in accordance with your family values and principles. Technological media can be allowed among the kids during certain times; however, there are some instances in which technology should be discouraged such as during face to face conversation.

Monitor and Mentor your Kids

Your kids especially the young ones tend to learn more from your behavior in social media. You cannot win against technology if you’re constantly staring at your own screen.Ensure you have set your own screen boundaries, and then monitor your children use of technology.

Set Limits with your Toddlers on Screen time

Toddlers can use technology to play games or read picture stories. However, there screen time should also be limited, so that they can engage in other physical activities. Toddlers screen time can be limited to two hours daily and the other free time should used as playtime.

Technological boundaries

In your household, ensure you have set certain places that are technology free. This could be during meal time,  during play time, and during bed time so that your children can sleep well. Moreover, it’s important to explain to your children sites that you approve and why.

Technology has been known to immensely improve the state of our lives, however, with the advantages comes shortcomings, which can affect kids negatively. Parents need to be on top of the game when monitoring children use of technology.


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