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2 in 1 Rocking Climbing Toys

Toys and Games Toddler, Wooden Rocking Climbing Toys Kids, Active Play Gym, Montessori balance board. Pikler and Rocking board  is a perfect tool for your kids’ balance skills, awareness, gross motor skills, coordination, and learning development.

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One Size


62.4*55*100 cm



Solid Wood



Product Detials:

1/4 round sailboat shape, two opposite modular combinations. Including climbing ladders, soft ladders, slides and climbing four kinds of functions. There are two types of use: high and short.

Monolithic arc facing down is the rocking boat form, adjustable handrails to provide different height requirements, with high-strength sponge cushion can be used as a baby cradle.

Rounded corners throughout the body treatment, curved edge anti-pressure hand design to give full consideration to safety.

Variable shape, play a variety of ways to exercise children’s hands, brain skills, full of fun.

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