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Play Gym

Explore our Play Gym collection at Xiair, which is designed to foster active play and development in young children. Crafted with eco-friendly materials for safety and durability, our play gyms stimulate motor skills, coordination, and balance. Perfect for any setting, they ensure joyful learning and endless fun. Discover the ideal play gym for your child here.


Climbing Frame

Robust and secure, perfect for fostering adventurous spirits in safe settings.

Learning Tower

Enable safe access to new heights, making kitchen activities enjoyable and secure for children.

Balance Beam

Meticulously crafted for stability, aiding children in mastering their balancing abilities.

Stepping Stones

Designed with precision, our Stepping Stones feature anti-slip surfaces for enhanced safety and interactive play.

Wooden Slide

Made from high-quality wood, our Slides offer a smooth and enjoyable sliding experience.

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