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A variety of flats suitable for high appearance horizontal climbing frames!

The design of a set helps physical exercise and development of children. The steps are not high, and children can pull themselves up by the railing. This allows children to safely use their growing bodies in new and fun ways.

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If you want a nice little jungle gym for a baby, read on:
Jungle gym for all kinds of designs, perfect for home walking! — Bridge series climbing frame.

Home consumption of children’s physical strength, do not leave the house, can also get enough exercise.
Many babies always likes to climb to the high places in the home, this is not the children deliberately to work on, but in the key period of the development of limbs baby will always climbing up and down, can climb focus, give the child a good practice, don’t underestimate the power of the climb, it is very important to the child’s later development, lack of climbing baby, prone to feeling system disorders in the future!

Promotes body coordination and hand – eye coordination.

Baby in the process of climbing, from many aspects to help baby’s growth. Attention: with the elevation of height, will focus the child’s attention; ​build self-confidence. When the child is over successful, they will get a full sense of accomplishment, affirm their ability, so as to enhance confidence; ​the ABILITY to solve problems, climb the process, the baby will meet difficulties, to give children encouragement, let the baby solve problems, grasp the bull by himself.

Chinese design — elements of Zhaozhou Bridge.

Integrated with the elements of Chinese bridge, to attract the attention of the baby, advanced dark blue color and arch design, appearance level is absolutely online.

Material safety and health, guard the children every time over!

The wood used in the climbing frame is made of pure solid wood. It adopts the ultimate craftsmanship, strictly checks every process, pays attention to the use experience of children, and the surface is polished smooth and infiltrated. It is environmentally friendly wood to protect the health of children.

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