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Montessori Education

What Do Children Learn In High-Quality Kindergarten Programs?

Kindergarten for preschoolers is about a combination of learning and having fun, both of which are important for early childhood development. As referenced by Scholastic Parents, kindergarten will provide a smooth introduction to Primary School, setting the stage for the rest of their education. 

Kindergarten Furniture

Designing the Perfect Montessori Classroom with the Right Furniture

Montessori education has been around for over a century and has proven to be an effective method of teaching young children. The Montessori approach focuses on promoting independence, self-direction, and a love of learning. When designing and layout a Montessori preschool, there are some key principles to keep in mind.

Kindergarten Furniture

What Skills Does Montessori Teach?

The Montessori curriculum and method of teaching ensure children have the skillset they need to be successful in life! Read on to find out how exactly Montessori helps children to develop these crucial skills.

Kindergarten Furniture

What Is The Montessori Method?

It was lovingly created by Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, and educator who has left behind a wonderful legacy of her dedication to childhood education that we are trying to encourage.

Montessori Education

Creativity: Imagination Play

A lot of people have done great things by doing something “wrong”. Don’t start driving on the wrong side of the road for your imagination play but do something against the norm with your children.

Montessori Education

Is my child better suited to Montessori or classic childcare?

Finding the best childcare for your little one can be a difficult task to navigate. From deciding what type of childcare service is best suited for your child to exploring the different educational approaches, there’s plenty to learn along the way.

Activities & Play

The lifelong benefits of play

Researchers have linked childhood play with adult achievement, so let’s see how play can help children understand and experience the world, develop vital skills and possibly even get a good job later in life.


Engaging children in learning throughout the year

The school terms are a magical thing for parents. Our kids get into such a good rhythm and learning is an easy part of everyday life. Better than that, our children are actively learning from peers, educators, and other people they’re in contact with throughout the day while we’re at work.

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