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Brige Climbing Triangle With Climber Slide Ladder

Our kids climber set is a climbing structure that children learn to navigate on at their own place.
This furniture like a pikler allows toddlers to explore their body, learn their own boundaries and respond to their climbing needs. It also helps develop gross motor skills, physical strength and agility, encouraging free movement and free play.
Can be used for Montessori Method.

Additional information


One Size


Brideg: 177.6*40*35.6 cm; Ramp: 120*34*5.8 cm



Solid Wood



Product Detials:

Children from childhood to exercise the sense of unity is necessary, through the way the game to exercise the child’s balance and climbing ability is more easily accepted by the baby.

A multi-functional design of the climbing frame + double-sided climbing board, a multi-use solid wood products. Children will be more willing to exercise at home. Let the child in the game to develop a sense of balance and promote the healthy development of the body is the core and starting point of this product.

A major feature of this product is the combination of climbing frame and bridge modeling, abstract refinement of morphological characteristics, so that children in the game of fun and education, understanding and feeling different cultural styles.

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