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Cat Adjustable Learning Tower

As your little one becomes a toddler, she is extremely curious and willing to find out what happens on the kitchen countertop. Another yummy meal preparation just cannot be missed! And not only to see what happens there, but also to engage in the process, to explore, play and help parents with the meal.

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One Size


42L*37W*92H cm





Product Detials:

Our Learning Tower is a Montessori inspired helper tower that also transforms into a table in a few easy steps! This learning platform tower will assist you in turning ordinary cooking into an exciting experience for both. After your little one finishes preparing a snack with the help of the toddler tower, you can turn the convertible tower into a table where your toddler can happily sit and eat. This is simply the best deal possible: playing station, courage stretcher and earning tower. It’s a safe way to engage and have them join you with playing games, prepare meals and washing dishes etc.

Product features:

✔️ Encourages self confidence and skill development.
✔️ Improves children drawing skills
✔️ New ideas for children’s games and activities
✔️ Helper stool for your child
✔️ Increase physical activity and general development of motility
✔️ Stylish design
✔️ Ecological material (non-toxic)
✔️ Safely for use
✔️ Lightweight and easy to handle
✔️ Easy assembly and storage

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