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Children are meant to climb high!

More and more treasure mothers began to pay attention to parenting, pay attention to the healthy growth of children, but sometimes learn to absorb more, will be extra careful children, for fear that the child knocked, but the transition of care often backfires.

Some of the child’s behavior is not the child naughty, but the need for physical development. Children will like to climb, standing on the height, is the development of limbs, exercise climbing, coordination ability, so do not have to be too harsh on the child. We should be appropriate to release the child, liberate the child’s nature, respect the child’s growth and development.

If you are worried about the danger of your child standing high, you can give your child an arrangement: fan climbing frame.
It helps kids grow and develop while avoiding safety risks, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Develop the courage to face difficulties head-on

In the process of climbing, the child will face psychological fear. It is necessary to worry. We should give the child encouragement, help the child to build confidence. The child will be encouraged, try to overcome the difficulties at hand, continue to climb up, until the summit to feel the joy of success, in the process of establishing confidence to enhance the child’s courage.

Have fun in a variety of ways to enhance your balance

The front position can be used as a climbing frame to exercise children’s limb muscles, and the side position is a balanced rocking boat! The design of the arc simulates a boat floating in the ocean, the children in the process of rocking, like a captain, driving their own boat, increasing the fun of the movement, playing process, enhancing the children’s balance ability, hand control ability.

Excellent material, safety guarantee

As a large sports home for children, the quality of nature is needless to say, to be more strict than ordinary furniture, the selection of excellent high-quality wood, green environmental protection, after the ultimate process to create; ​all corners are designed with rounded corners and the surface is strictly polished repeatedly to provide the best play experience for children.

Children’s growth should be colorful, reduce some video games, reduce some electric car toys, sports education brings children the benefits of the former is often not up to! After all, kids only grow up once. Isn’t it better to be fun and healthy?


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