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Climb and Slide Rock Ramp

The ramp is an great development toy that encourages children to enter the world of imaginative play, unlocking a host of skills – including awareness, resilience, perseverance, and collaboration. It will help with balance control, creativity, motor skill development, and many other critical aspects of your child’s life.

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S, M, L


25*5.4*80 cm, 30*5.4*90 cm, 35*5.4*100 cm





Product Detials:

The Reversible Ramp is the perfect addition to the Climbing Arch, Pikler Triangle or Balance Board.

Your children will enjoy sliding, balancing, climbing and even playing racing cars!

One side is a ramp with rungs and the other side works as a slide.

Perfectly sanded with rounded edges.

Double sided sliding/climbing ramp for climbing triangles, that can be also used for climbing into the bed or anything else. Every step on the climbing side can be painted in different colour for it looks like rainbow.

Made out of high quality Baltic Birch plywood and laminated, which makes it very good for sliding. The steps are painted with water based, non-toxic paint.

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