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Kitchen Helper Premium Double

We offer great product for you and your kids. Essential, reliable, family-friendly! From now You can cook with your child safely and You have “free hands and knees”.

Additional information


L, M, S


92H*44W*42D cm




Beech Wood, Cherry Wood, Walnut Wood


2 Kg

Product Detials:

Kitchen Helper has three levels of regulation, so it grows with children. It is intended for children from 1 to 6 years of age. Quality and safety are important to us. Our furniture is made of the highest quality birch plywood. These are hand-made and varnished products. We use only safe for children materials, which meet the strict PN-EN 71-3 standard regarding the safety of toys.

Why is it worth buying our Kitchen Helper?

1) Passed the certification tests regarding safety – stability and load.

2) It has 3 levels of platform height adjustment (age 1-6). We change the levels with the age of the child.

3) It has an additional second safety bow that can be removed or attached permanently at any time. The first headband is not opened on purpose, because we don’t want the child to accidentally open it.

4) Convenient and easy to move! Perfect for any kitchen, small or large. Weight about 8 kg.

5) Convenient and easy to clean!

6) Made of high-quality waterproof wood.

7) Hand-made – painted / varnished with products safe for children that meet the rigorous PN-EN 71-3 standard regarding the safety of toys!

8) Designer, modern product.

9) Various color versions available. We also make kitchen helpers to the dimensions of the countertop, wider, twin.

10) You can choose models with and without an additional platform or NEW mini shelf!

11) Thanks to our own experience, we have created kitchen helpers that perfectly meet the expectations of children and their parents. In addition, we serve as experts as the parade because we tested helpers made of various materials of different heights. Our kids use the kitchen helper every day – it has been over two and a half years since our first kitchen helper appeared.

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