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Activities & Play

Montessori in the Kitchen: Cooking with Your Child

For toddlers, the practical life activities help develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as gain a sense of independence. For primary aged children, the practical life activities play a huge role in helping them understand the world around them, as well as form a positive self-image.

Activities & Play

Best Montessori Kitchen Tools and Utensils for Kids

Preparing their own snack, washing their hands, and making healthy food choices are all great examples of activities that children can do to learn self-care as part of practical life.

Activities & Play

Purpose and Benefits of a Montessori Learning Tower

A Learning Tower is a great tool to help your child safely learn kitchen skills and learn how to be somewhat independent in the kitchen. Even if you don’t purchase a Learning Tower, your child will want to learn kitchen skills and try to do so on their own, which can become dangerous.

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