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Toddler Crib Chair, Preschool

Children’s table&chair set is made entirely of wood. In all parts of the collection, the corners of the feet and the table are rounded. When used as a set as a wooden children’s desk chair, it eliminates all kinds of hitting, hitting and injury risks.

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28" x 28" x 20" H




plywood, Solid Wood

Product Detials:

Here’s a chair that’s really made for the little ones. It’s just the right shape to be easy to sit down and stand up, and the kids can carry and push it around all by themselves.
Enables the ritual that is typical for beginners: “First put your knee on the seat, then turn.” Choose between two sizes.

Recommended age
6-18 Months
Made from solid wood and birch multiplex
Protected by clear child-safe lacquer
The 13 cm and 17 cm high crib chairs can be mixed and stacked up to 5 high
Robust and non-tilting due to wide construction

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