Transformable Climbing Toys

This is the best Pikler Triangle. It’s a transformable Pikler Triangle inspired by the famous Pikler Triangle. It is made of four individual ladders that interconnect into different shapes with a very unique mechanism. It’s a very versatile product that will guarantee a lot of fun and Kids won’t get tired of it with all the interchangeable shapes that you can create. Swipe through to see some popular shapes.

Additional information


One Size


102.5H*105W*75D cm



Weight Limit

120 lbs

Product Detials:

Transformable climbing triangle is created according to Montessori furniture principles to develop balance control, motor skills, courage etc. All the items are great climbing toys for your children. If you combine the transformable climbing triangle and ramp or/and arch you will get the climbing set that will be a perfect Montessori gym for kids from 1 year to 8 years old.

You can use the toddler triangle in many different modifications. Such a baby climber is not a regular triangle. You can transform it into a climbing triangle, two climbing triangles, cube, house or other shapes. Let your imagination fly and play together with your kids! It is foldable for storage and/or transportation.

Ideal to keep the kids busy and reduce screen time. Suitable for infants all the way to six years old. This is a universal climber that develops a kid’s motor skills, physical strength, dexterity, spatial imagination, giving freedom in the game, self-confidence, and the joy of achievement.

When the kids finished playing you can easily store it, just by removing the locking mechanism and dismantling it into four smaller ladders. There’s more, this transformable Pikler can be complemented with the “Ramp”. The Ramp can be attached to the climber to use as a slide or can be flipped so the kids can do rock climbing.

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