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Xiair Climbing Frame Wooden Jungle Gym

Ideal for compact town homes and crowded urban spaces with not many options for outdoor activities or gear, this wooden jungle gym will be an essential addition to the home.

This modular wooden jungle gym is one of a kind in the Indian market and has two compartments and 9 game items. This model has been carefully designed so that all modern homes can accommodate it in their space.

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Product Detials:

  • It has a roof section – the horizontal bar is wide and flexible for climbing, lounging and walking
  • Sliders on one side and climbers on the other are the tallest and most versatile components of a jungle gym. This feature can also be used by older children who can enjoy the feel of a 5ft rock climb and land on top
  • Swings, rope ladders, gymnastic rings and other accessories need to use the pectoralis major, biceps, triceps and other muscle groups, which can help children exercise and instill
  • The solidity of the wood, the compactness and durability of the overall structure make it a must have and can be used by more than one child with a combined weight of approximately 80 to 100 kg. the structure was tested to bear a load of 120 kg
  • Given the growing demand for physical activity and the growing prevalence of childhood obesity, a modular jungle gym is a smart choice to increase its usage at will at home. What is in front of us will always be used.

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