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3 in 1 Balance Beam series

Balance Beam is a wonderful wooden toy that helps your child to develop balance and coordination skills. Balance Beam can be used not only by your child but also with his friends. More beams allow you to involve more children in the game!

Additional information


One Size


150*24*24 cm



Solid Wood



Product Detials:

Combined balance beam series: balance beam, canoe, teeter totter three basic functions. Can be freely changed according to the needs of the combination.

The balance beam module can be used alone to exercise children’s balance control ability, the balance beam can be inverted as a monopod and seesaw support, combination and game process to exercise children’s thinking, hands-on creative ability. Teeter-totter is a fun form of playmate, parent-child interaction between the intimate game.

Rounded corners throughout the product to prevent bumping to improve safety, colorful, bright and harmonious.

The material we use in manufacturing is solid wood, which does not contain toxic substances. The kit includes a balance beam with connectors. It is a great gift idea for a birthday, Christmas or any other day of the year.

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