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Infant / Toddler Mirror With Wooden Bar

Babies and toddlers are fascinated by mirrors. By observing themselves in the mirror they discover their own identity and movements. A solid, unbreakable mirror with a wooden frame. The mirror comes with a wooden handrail, adjustable in 3 heights. By grabbing the rail, children can pull themselves up and walk along the mirror. The mirror can be fixed both horizontally and vertically.

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One Size


69H x 127L cm




Product Detials:

It is one of the most basic development materials for 6-12 months old babies. Ideal for babies trying to lift their own weight. It allows him to hold on and stand up and repeats this movement in front of the mirror. Being able to stand is a very new experience and it gets him/her very excited. It tastes the feeling of being able to move independently until the walking period. He enjoys watching his own facial expressions. Spending a long time in front of the mirror improves the sense of self. You can do exercises such as reaching, holding on with one hand, with small stickers that you will stick on the mirror.

A large mirror placed near the playground promotes visual tracking, promotes concentration, brings joy , promotes independent play, free movement and develops the self-concept.
It also promotes coordinated movement – child observes himself in the mirror and gets feedback on his movements.

Crawling babies are encouraged to pull themselves into a standing position using the rail whilst investigating their own reflection in the non-shatter safety mirror. Toddlers will use the rail to steady themselves.

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