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Beneftis of Pikler arches for kids

Pikler arch is a type of climbing furniture for kids. It allows them to have fun as well as stimulates their physical and mental development. While the little ones are playing with the arch, their parents can be sure that they are safe and entertained. Their mothers and fathers, meanwhile, can have a rest, cook a meal or chat on the phone.

This element of furniture got its name after Emmi Pikler, a prominent Hungarian pediatrician of the previous century. She believed that the desire to move freely and explore the world is inherent for kids. Grown-ups do not need to stimulate them to learn. The children are curious and proactive by nature — but they need toys and tools to develop their abilities. Today, educators from all over the world share this approach.

The target audience of this item are boys and girls almost since they were born and until approximately 5 years old. An arch is light and compact. You can put it into your kid’s room and then take it with you to a countryside house or other locations. In summer, feel free to put it outdoors on grass, sand or a blanket.

You can also buy other types of Pikler furniture on our site (triangles, cubes, ramps and climbers) and combine them in complex structures.

How to Use Climbing Arches?

You might want to put the arch on a soft or padded surface. While the spatial awareness and physical self-awareness of the child are still imperfect, they will be falling down inevitably. Adults should not be too emotional about that. Just help the kid stand up again and make another attempt to climb!

The older the kids grow, the more creative they become at using this piece of furniture:

  • You can hang colorful toys on the bars and put the newborn baby beneath. They will be watching and touching the toys, learning to differentiate color and shape.
  • A bit later, little boys and girls will learn to sit and stand straight, holding on to the bars.
  • Toddlers can climb the arch, honing their sense of balance and space coordination.
  • If you turn the arch upside down, kids can use it as a swing.

The Pikler arch encourages open-end play. This kind of play has no goals and can go on forever. It develops children’s imagination and enhances their creative abilities. For instance, they can turn the arch into an enchanted bridge that their toys need to cross or arrange a treasure cove under it.

Why the Arch Is Essential for Kids’ Development

The most important mission of Pikler furniture is to help children to hone their gross motor skills. These are the skills that enable us to squat, kick a ball or walk up the stairs. To perform these actions, we need to coordinate movements of our arms, legs, neck and torso.

Children should learn to move confidently before they go to school. This will enable them to get good grades and feel comfortable in the company of their peers. Girls and boys who have Pikler furniture at home grow up being smart, curious and dynamic. They are positively-minded, sociable and are not afraid of challenges.

Why You Should Buy the Pikler Arch on Our Site

In our online shop, you can select from the following varieties of arches for kids:

  • Small or standard
  • Colored or monochrome
  • Single or combined in a set

The apex of the arch is not acute at all, which makes this item of furniture especially safe. To manufacture it, we use high-quality material. 

Our prices are always competitive. We ship our products worldwide and have already delivered them to over 20 countries. Both children and their parents love the climbing furniture and educational toys that we make. When small boys and girls see a Pikler arch at their friends’ home, they start asking their family members to buy them one too. I have two boys, so we understand very well the needs and tastes of little children.

If you want to ask us something, get in touch with us by email or chat us online.


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