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Montessori Education

Creativity: Imagination Play

A lot of people have done great things by doing something “wrong”. Don’t start driving on the wrong side of the road for your imagination play but do something against the norm with your children.

Montessori Education

Is my child better suited to Montessori or classic childcare?

Finding the best childcare for your little one can be a difficult task to navigate. From deciding what type of childcare service is best suited for your child to exploring the different educational approaches, there’s plenty to learn along the way.

Activities & Play

The lifelong benefits of play

Researchers have linked childhood play with adult achievement, so let’s see how play can help children understand and experience the world, develop vital skills and possibly even get a good job later in life.


Engaging children in learning throughout the year

The school terms are a magical thing for parents. Our kids get into such a good rhythm and learning is an easy part of everyday life. Better than that, our children are actively learning from peers, educators, and other people they’re in contact with throughout the day while we’re at work.

Montessori Education

Why is ‘dialogic reading’ so helpful for under fives?

For parents, dialogic reading provides a chance to be an active listener, tap into your child’s interests and abilities, and have fun together. With a bit of practice, this reading approach is a chance to connect as parent and child, and help your little learner understand new words, worlds and ways of thinking.

Montessori Education

An award-winning approach to outdoor learning

Young children need sensory stimulation and room to move, so instead of keeping kids indoors, many early learning services recognise the importance of outdoor play and offer a variety of open-air experiences. 

Montessori Education

Teaching multiple languages to under fives

Your child’s mother tongue enables them to communicate, learn, socialise and make sense of the world, and if you’re fortunate enough to know two (or more) languages, then you’re encouraged to share them with your little linguist.

Montessori Materials

How fewer toys leads to higher quality play

Toys are a fun way to develop youngsters’ motor skills, enliven their imagination, encourage social skills, practice problem-solving and foster independence, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing.


Positive ways to help your child with their homework

The idea of doing schoolwork in home time isn’t always appealing. Some children struggle with their homework, procrastinate or simply refuse to do it, but it is important to support your child’s home learning. 

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