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Activities & Play

The benefits of ‘Dad play’ in a child’s first years

There’s evidence that father-child play can also help littlies control their behaviour and emotions as they grow up, so let’s see how this finding emerged and why all parents should take the time to play.

Activities & Play

All about circle time in child care

Group time has become a popular classroom strategy in early child care. From the baby room through to preschool, teachers are increasingly incorporating group experiences within their daily programs. As parents, it’s something we hear a lot about from child care providers. But what exactly is group time, and how does it help our little ones?

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Supporting your child’s friendships in the early years

When it comes to children, social bonding is an important part of their development. While toddlers are making friends for the first time, preschoolers are building solid relationships, so let’s look at some suggestions for supporting your young child’s friendships.

Activities & Play

How a group mentality influences preschoolers’ behaviour

Grown-ups are role models, rule-makers, mentors and disciplinarians all rolled into one, and it’s our job to support littlies as they learn to regulate their emotions and behaviour and grow their pro-social skills and independence.

Montessori Education

Visual communication for early learners

As we know, the spoken vocabulary of young children is generally quite limited, simply because they have not yet had the time or opportunity to learn a large number of words. This does not mean that their understanding is equally limited though.

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The art of minimalist parenting

All in all, the idea of minimalist parenting is to have less fuss and more fun. To live a simpler, richer life away from the perils of ‘over-parenting’.

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How to build resilience in your child

Life isn’t all fun and games, and though we want the very best for our children, there will be times when the going gets tough. For this reason, it’s important that children develop resilience, the ability to cope when things go wrong and to overcome unexpected challenges in their life.

Montessori Education

The importance of questions during story time

Children benefit from answering sophisticated questions as well as easy ones, so let’s see how educators and parents can incorporate different kinds of questions during story time to better challenge young brains.

Montessori Education

Using Love Languages with Your Kids

Expressing your love for your kids isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Each person is different, and we all give and receive love in different ways. The next time you try to bond with your kiddos, try and “speak” their love language.

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