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Montessori Play: A Quick Guide

Our world is always evolving, and circumstances in our diverse world are ever-changing, enabling us to learn something new every day. The Montessori method of teaching enables us to embrace the beauty of discovery by encouraging self-directed exploration. No matter if we refer to it as work, or as play, these are lessons that can carry our children into their future.

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What are Montessori Activities? Examples for Every Age

Montessori activities can foster a sense of independence throughout all age groups. Many Montessori activities are created around natural life skills and allow children to explore their environment.

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What Curriculum Do Montessori Schools Use?

Montessori schools use the five key areas of the Montessori curriculum: Practical Life Exercises, Sensorial Education, Mathematics, Language, and Cultural Subjects to help the child attain social, emotional, physical, and intellectual developmental milestones.

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Grace and Courtesy in Montessori: How, When, and Why It’s Taught

Grace and Courtesy is the term used to refer to the idea of teaching children to be a polite member of society and conduct themselves properly in social situations. Grace and Courtesy is one of the foundations of the Montessori method and is applicable both in the classroom and in everyday life.

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Reading in Montessori: Method and Timing

Montessori specific methods for reading focus heavily on sound and sensory experience before introducing the child to phonics and the alphabet. With a vocabulary knowledge rooted in sound, a child can easily associate written letters with the sounds they already know. This is called encoding or reading.

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How and Where Do I Start with Montessori Homeschooling?

To start Montessori homeschooling, carefully consider and organize the learning environment, prepare opportunities for the child to spend time with children and adults of all ages, remove extrinsic motivations, and research different Montessori curriculum materials that can guide learning.

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Characteristics of the Montessori Curriculum

The Montessori curriculum helps children to focus on five key areas of study. These include Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Culture. These areas are put together with a set of teaching materials that are designed to increase in complexity as the child grows and matures.

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Why Are Montessori Schools So Quiet?

Montessori schools are exceptionally quiet because students are encouraged to work on their activities at their own pace, which allows individual focus among the normal hum of interaction with other students and teachers.

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Why Is Geography Important in Montessori?

Geography is important in Montessori learning because it allows children to understand their world better. They are able to foster a feeling of care for the earth, as well as feel more connected to people around the world. Better appreciation for cultural diversity is fostered as well.

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