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Why Sensorial Work Is So Important in Montessori

The sensorial work developed and perfected by Maria Montessori is designed to develop healthy, happy children into confident, independent adults. Sensorial work allows children to build critical skills and practical relationships with the world around them.

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What Makes a Montessori Classroom Different?

Montessori learning is vastly different from traditional learning. It’s a system without grading and the teacher isn’t even the true head of the classroom. And,

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How Is Montessori Different?

Montessori sounds pretty fantastic don’t you think? There is a lot more to know; read on to learn the differences between traditional schooling and Montessori schooling as well as the pros and cons to both. Once you are through you should hopefully be able to make an informed decision!

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Is Montessori Based in Science?

Based on the age of the child, the Montessori system customizes what materials and skills a child is going to learn depending on the stage of life that child is in. Learning should be personalized. This “natural cycle of learning” helps students digest knowledge at a natural pace that follows the child’s growth

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What Are the Rules in a Montessori School?

Montessori discipline is all about connection, boundaries, and natural consequences. Children need connection and trust with their teachers and caregivers. Teachers and caregivers set firm, appropriate boundaries to preserve the learning and living environments. And all actions come with natural consequences.

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What is the Main Purpose of Montessori?

While Montessori is known as a popular educational method for preschool children, its principles and main purpose serve the child for longer. The idea of observing the child to determine their needs, and allowing them to follow their interests, are good approaches to consider both in and out of the classroom. Such approaches imbue the child with dignity and confidence that he can rely on himself to learn and live well in his world.

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How to Create a Montessori At Home Learning Environment

Montessori principles believe that everything your child plays with should have a purpose. Whether that purpose is learning, developing life skills, or functionality, you’ll find that Montessori at home doesn’t overly disturb your routine.

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Montessori Preschool Philosophy: Synergy of Education and Play

Children engage in play-based learning and reinforce their knowledge across a range of subject areas. During cooking classes, they unleash their cooking potential by creating recipes, drawing menus and experimenting with ingredients. Kids perform real practical activities and gain rich learning experience, which builds their self-esteem and confidence and leads to their success.

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Montessori Circle Time

Montessori Circle Time is a period within the school day when the children are gathered together with the teacher to do group activities. It is called circle time as children and teachers sit in a round formation facing each other. Circle Time has an open format, but can include such activities as games, singing, lessons, and routines. A typical Montessori school day begins with Circle Time.