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Benefits of the Pikler Triangle in educational methods 

Children of all ages love to play with Montessori Climbing toys. Whether they are simulating the search for food or simply exploring the world around them, you can see growing confidence in their eyes as they learn to use their bodies in different ways while engaging with these climber toys.


What is the Pikler Method

The long term impact of free movement on a baby’s spirit, intelligence and physical being.
Respect being shown to babies at all times – and clarifying what that entailed. The importance of a way a baby is touched and supported in the important birth to two years period.


Children are meant to climb high!

Some of the child’s behavior is not the child naughty, but the need for physical development. Children will like to climb, standing on the height, is the development of limbs, exercise climbing, coordination ability, so do not have to be too harsh on the child. We should be appropriate to release the child, liberate the child’s nature, respect the child’s growth and development.

Activities & Play

Best Uses For A Pikler Triangle

Children should be allowed the space and time for uninterrupted and independent play, extolls parenting expert Janet Lansbury. Pikler thought children did not need endless toys to entertain them, they were quite capable of, and enjoyed, amusing themselves. Pikler created and designed the world’s first indoor climbing frame for kids, the Pikler Triangle!

Montessori Education

Saying No the Montessori way

When parents discover Montessori, they understand that it is about giving freedom and independence to their children. So when it comes to discipline the Montessori way, parents might be confused and weary of saying no, of having rules as they know “punishment” is not the answer.

Activities & Play

Buy out the Pikler Frame!

Kids climber set is a climbing structure that children learn to navigate on at their own place.
This furniture like a pikler allows toddlers to explore their body, learn their own boundaries and respond to their climbing needs. It also helps develop gross motor skills, physical strength and agility, encouraging free movement and free play. Can be used for Montessori Method.


How Is It Helping Your Kids Grow with the Pikler Furniture

While puzzles and math may be gripping enough for your child, the Pikler method of education seems best suited to help kids develop their intellectual and motor skills. Since children’s physical and mental abilities develop together, the optimal educational toys for toddlers are the ones that involve their bodies.

Activities & Play

How to help your kid to develop properly?

Playing games is a practice of life with a happy and carefree approach. Of course, although the failures in the game are innumerable and for children, serious but superficial and transient. In fact, playing games is an answer to the “how to develop physical and mental health” question”. It causes happiness or sometimes a feeling of failure, as well as the fulfillment of the child’s needs or failure.