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Concepts and Practices of the Pikler Approach

The principles of Dr. Emmi Pikler’s approach to raising healthy babies: This approach is based on renowned Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler’s research into gross motor development and emphasizes treating babies with respect by telling them what you are going to do before you do it, encouraging them to participate in their own care and supporting them to solve their own problems.

Montessori Education

Montessori Enables Children To Succeed In The Real World

You have a bright, energetic, creative child—and you desire to see them enjoy a life filled with academic achievement, affirming friendships, productive careers, and a sense of purpose that guides them. You want your child to have more than the ability to take a standardized test. Your goal is to equip them for success in every area of life.

Montessori Education

Benefits of In-Person Learning for Students

If you’re wondering what’s best for your preschool or primary-aged child’s education these days—online classes or in-person learning—you’re not alone. Between today’s efforts to keep everyone healthy and the advancement of new technologies, virtual learning has been growing in use and often seems appealing at first glance.
But is it best for your child? Not necessarily.

Montessori Education

Recognizing the Best Montessori Learning Environment

One of the greatest gifts that Maria Montessori gave us is the understanding that children flourish best when surrounded by an environment that is designed uniquely for their size and stage of development. A well-designed Montessori classroom offers a safe, comforting, stimulating space that invites your child to discover the world, learn to care for themselves and others, and develop a way of thinking that gives them an edge in life for years to come.

Montessori Education

Why Keeping Your Child in Montessori Classes

When it’s time for children to transition from preschool to kindergarten and primary grades, it’s common for parents to wonder whether it’s better to stick with Montessori or make a change. The fact is, Montessori is a lifelong approach to learning and discovery that your son or daughter will benefit from continuing.

Montessori Materials

Why Your Child Should Have a Montessori Mirror

A Montessori wall mirror is not only beneficial for you and your little one but will keep your baby occupied and entertained. It will support their cognitive and physical development as they explore all that the mirror has to offer them. A Montessori bedroom wall mirror will also encourage your child to move around and develop a sense of what the mirror is and how their reflection appears.

Montessori Education

Reggio Open-Ended Play

We often ask any visitors to our setting to actively watch and listen to groups of children using loose parts in the garden. It is really only when one observes that the abundant benefits of open-ended play shine though.

Montessori Education

Introduction to Montessori Materials

Parents often ask if using the Montessori Method at home requires the purchase of many expensive materials. First, keep in mind that a few, carefully selected materials are far better than oodles of inappropriate ones. Additionally, a crowded, cluttered environment can be off-putting, even stressful, to the child. While the materials should be many things, such as beautiful, educational, and above all, enticing to children, they needn’t actually cost a lot of dough.


What Is Reggio Emilia?

Reggio Emilia also revolves around the children’s senses, relying on sight, sound, touch and even taste and smell to assist with learning. As a result, Reggio Emilia classrooms tend to look different than your average preschool with large common spaces, natural elements and lots of accessible and curiosity-sparking materials.

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