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Kids climber set is a climbing structure that children learn to navigate on at their own place. This furniture like a pikler allows toddlers to explore their body, learn their own boundaries and respond to their climbing needs. It also helps develop gross motor skills, physical strength and agility, encouraging free movement and free play. Can be used for Montessori Method.

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Theoretical sources

Climbing frame, also called Pikler climbing frame, she is a pediatrician from Hungary, climbing from her idea of education and teaching AIDS, derived child is have absolute autonomy, she argues, the development of the whole body has its own growth rhythm, not intervention by the outside world, because of developed skin koehler climbing frame.

Free to explore without guidance

This is the magic of the jungle gym. No matter how old the children are from 1 to 7 years old, it only needs to be successfully assembled for them. Children can use the jungle gym according to their own development needs, practice, stand, walk and climb. It’s hard not to praise Pickler’s greatness here. That’s why this jungle gym is so popular on the Internet.

Help body development, regulate sensory dysfunction

With the help of climbing frames, children can control the growth rhythm of their bodies and help their bodies grow and change at all stages. You think that’s all he does? That would be undervaluing Dr. Pickler’s expertise to see you! When climbing, it will enhance the child’s coordination ability of hand, eye and foot, exercise the child’s body control, balance, coordination and other abilities.

In the process of climbing, the child will be very focused, highly focused attention, relieve the child’s sensory dysfunction, get good sensory training, solve the problem of procrastination and inattention.

Cultivate self-confidence and sense of accomplishment, brave to meet the challenge!

The first time children try to climb over the top, are afraid of worry, we need to give the child confidence, encourage him to successfully climb over the difficulties, enhance the child’s confidence, when the child meets the challenge, overcome it, the child’s heart will produce a great sense of achievement, which is very good for the child to build confidence.

The jungle gym is not just a common toy to exercise children’s climbing ability, it brings children a profound educational significance! Wouldn’t it give children more physical and mental health AIDS? What do you think?

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