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Engaging children in learning throughout the year

The school terms are a magical thing for parents. Our kids get into such a good rhythm and learning is an easy part of everyday life. Better than that, our children are actively learning from peers, educators, and other people they’re in contact with throughout the day while we’re at work.


Positive ways to help your child with their homework

The idea of doing schoolwork in home time isn’t always appealing. Some children struggle with their homework, procrastinate or simply refuse to do it, but it is important to support your child’s home learning. 


The art of minimalist parenting

When we think of minimalism, we think of clean, white spaces and museum-like homes. Of course, very few family abodes look like that, but minimalist parenting sees the value in clearing out excessive ‘stuff’.


What Is Reggio Emilia?

Reggio Emilia also revolves around the children’s senses, relying on sight, sound, touch and even taste and smell to assist with learning. As a result, Reggio Emilia classrooms tend to look different than your average preschool with large common spaces, natural elements and lots of accessible and curiosity-sparking materials.

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