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Everything you need to know about Pikler Triangles

Considering buying a Pikler? Let’s talk about them and see why they are such an incredibly popular kid’s toy!

One of the things that I get the most questions about in our playroom is our pikler set up! We have pikler triangle and ramp and climbing frame and wooden climbing arch combination ect.

These are traditional Montessori wooden toys that have grown extremely popular in recent years.

What is a Pikler?

Pikler is a wooden climber designed for babies and toddlers to climb up and over like a triangular ladder.

There are actually many types of Piklers for you to consider! Like triangle, arch, cube, indoor playground climber ect.

What are the benefits of a Pikler?

Pikler help to encourage babies and toddlers to climb in a safe environment. They help encourage kids to develop their gross motor skills. Read my full list of Pikler triangle benefits!

Is a Pikler safe?

Piklers are designed to give your child a safe place to climb.

The truth is that babies and toddlers want to start climbing around 10 months old. They will climb the couch or the coffee table or whatever they can find.

Having a designated baby climbing zone is a way to set up a safe climbing environment. You can add a play mat or soft rug underneath and always supervise them when using it.

Injuries could happen, but I have found saying “we don’t climb on the dog, climb on your triangle” works well especially after 18 months old.

Where can I buy a Pikler triangle?

The most popular pikler triangle seems to be the Foldable Climbing Triangle. This is a great, high quality climbing toys.

We personally recommend these products! Check out our full Pikler!

If you want a larger set, check out the Climbing Set which includes a climbing ramp, and rope ladder! It’s huge but awesome!

What to look out for when buying a Pikler

There are a few things to look out for with piklers.

First, look at the height. Taller triangles – 32″ or taller – are better for bigger kids.

Then, look at dowel diameter. Thicker dowels can hold heavier kids.

Consider if it folds. Folding triangles are best if you will need to put the triangle pikler away when not in use.

Decide if you want a painted or natural wood pikler.

Pikler triangle vs Climbing triangle

If you see something listed as a Climbing Triangle, have no fear. The term Pikler Triangle is trademarked and therefore limited in who can use it. Climbing triangle is the generic term.

Is a Pikler worth the investment?

If you have the money to spend and the space to keep a montessori pikler triangle, it is definitely worth the cost. However, if the cost is a hardship for you, skip it. It’s not a necessity.

Pikler triangle vs Climbing Arch

The pikler climbing arch is a great alternative to the pikler triangle montessori toy. Because it’s made with slats and not dowels, it can support a lot more weight and is great for bigger kids.

Plus, it can be flipped upside down and used as a rocker.

Some kids like to throw a blanket over top and use it as a cave for his stuffed animals!


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