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How to help your kid to develop properly?

Playing games is a practice of life with a happy and carefree approach. Of course, although the failures in the game are innumerable and for children, serious but superficial and transient. In fact, playing games is an answer to the "how to develop physical and mental health" question". It causes happiness or sometimes a feeling of failure, as well as the fulfillment of the child's needs or failure.

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Playing games is a practice of life with a happy and carefree approach. Of course, although the failures in the game are innumerable and for children, serious but superficial and transient. In fact, playing games is an answer to the “how to develop physical and mental health” question”. It causes happiness or sometimes a feeling of failure, as well as the fulfillment of the child’s needs or failure.

How your kid develops?

The salient traits of children are determined through play. These include the tendency to command, aggression or surrender, being social or isolated, as well as friendly or hostile feelings, depression, or happiness. In other words, children express their desires and aspirations through playing games. Playing games stimulates the emotional, social, physical and mental development of the child.

By playing, the child gets a chance to express his or her feelings and problems. In other words, to express himself or herself. Learn to help and get help. It should be noted that expensive equipment isn’t necessarily necessary for useful games. Parents should pay attention to adopting different methods at different stages of the game and also always remember that they should give the child the opportunity to work freely and creatively so that his latent talents can flourish properly. Only then playing can make children motivated, cheerful, active, innovative and creative.

Using toys can help children learn the various skills they need in life, such as:

  • Problem-Solving and getting to know the cause and effect of each phenomenon
  • Learn how to play with others by compromising, sharing, and resolving problems and differences.
  • Develop motor skills that are still unknown to the child
  • Foster their creativity and imagination.
  • Discover independence and grow positive self-esteem in them.

All experts and specialists in this field agree that children learn through play, and toys are a tool that allows them to explore the world in which they live. This learning happens precisely because they can communicate with their surroundings through toys. In addition, buying toys provides a lot of fun and happiness for the child, and all of the above helps to boost their self-esteem.

Although play promotes children’s development in various mental and physical dimensions, many parents and even educators don’t pay enough attention to the decisive role of play and don’t accompany children when necessary. In this article, we want to mention how using the right toys can have positive effects on kids’ development. Also, answering the important question “how to develop a child in the right way?”

Emotional Growth

Playing games plays a positive role in the child’s emotional development and promotes the kid’s need for interaction, learning, excellence and the expression of feelings and emotions, fears and doubts and perception. Educational toys stimulate children’s creativity and help them express their feelings (internal and external). It provides space for children to experience familiar situations through role-playing. Also, it can simulate extraordinary worlds that lead children to the imagination. By gaining the ability to create characters, they can be creative in building their own characters and creating their own rules. This is how kids grow on the right path.

Development and Growth of Social Behaviors

Playing games accelerates the social development of children and promotes the development of latent talents and creativity, cooperation, empathy and participation and communication of the child with the outside environment. Playing with other children provides opportunities for them to learn skills such as respect, cooperation, and sharing. The game also promotes assimilation with adults and helps the child to experience defeat and victory as much as possible.

Due to its mobility, playing games in some of their forms is effective in the child’s fine motor skills and causes the coordination of the organs of the body and strengthens the child’s senses and his mental and physical abilities. Apart from improving children’s language skills, toys also teach them social skills and help them gain an understanding of the community in which they live. Toys invite children to interact with other children and their parents. Toys also motivate children to take initiative in their actions, learn to negotiate, and teach them how to organize things.

Development of Cognitive Skills

Children’s games change in the process of growth and development. In fact, games, out of physical and emotional form, are supported by thought and creativity. Of course, it should be noted that fine motor skills are the basis of gross motor skills and start playing mental games in children. Toys enhance their cognitive development by stimulating children’s concentration and memory skills (busy board games) and the ability to solve creative problems, which is effective in developing their future independence (playing with building blocks). Cognitive development is important because it enables children to learn math and language skills in a fun way.

Kids Properly Development

As said before, you can be a reason for your kids’ development by using the right toys for them at different ages. Parents can get the educational toys for toddlers and start raising and developing their children from the beginning. Also, climbing toys can help children improve fine motor skills. Toys such as the pikler climber and climbing triangle. Yet, as mentioned above, kids should feel secure and comfortable in their zone of play. In this regard, having furniture for kids or toddlers furniture can be a good idea. To help you in this regard, we offer you to check out our online store, read on our blog page about how kids grow with our toys, and purchase our products. We believe that by using our educational toys for different ages such as pikler triangles and also by using our special products for your child, you’ll be able to see the proper development in your child. Finally, we hope that by increasing your awareness of the types of games, toys and the effects that each of them have on children’s development, you can be the best companion for your children’s development. Please don’t hesitate and contact our support team in case of any questions or issues.

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