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How to set a indoor gym for kids

Kids these days are always on the go. With the cold air and for some of you, snow outside and COVID-19 there’s little for them to do but come inside and play for hours on end. This year, however, try setting up an indoor play gym for kids at home to burn off that endless energy. Not only can you provide a safe indoor playground for your kids but also a fun change of scenery. 

Some of these indoor play gyms have slides, swings, climbing walls – basically everything that a kid could want! These products build upon gross motor skills and balance which are wonderful for kids’ physical activity and development. 

Not only will they have fun for hours at a time, but they’ll also burn up all that extra energy for you! Let’s take a look at some of the best indoor play gyms for kids.

This Indoor Playground is a place where children can play and have fun. This will help them develop skills like balancing, coordination, or gross motor ability. They’ll be happy in their free time! This set includes 3 pieces: Pikler Arch, Foldable Triangle (Pikler Triangle) and a Reversible Ramp. 

Fun Facts:

  • Provides a safe space for kids ages 2-7 to play indoors
  • Promotes developmental skills through free play
  • Made of FSC European Birch plywood

A windmill Climbing Frame is the best place for your child to play. It will help them develop their coordination and muscles they wouldn’t use in everyday life! What’s neat is that this climbing structure includesMonkey bars and a 2 in 1 slide/climbing ramp, plus a fun trapeze swing bar with rings, and indoor swing plus rope ladder for endless playing. 

Fun Facts:

  • Fun and interactive design perfect for toddlers through 7 years. 
  • Designed to be safe for both inside or outside use made of high-quality wood chemicals.
  • Versatile enough that it can be customized per your needs

WARNING – parents must supervise children while playing, recommend to place a soft rug on floor underneath structure to cushion in even child falls during play


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