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Kids Chair, Preschool,kindergarten Chair

Children’s table&chair set is made entirely of wood. In all parts of the collection, the corners of the feet and the table are rounded. When used as a set as a wooden children’s desk chair, it eliminates all kinds of hitting, hitting and injury risks.

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28" x 28" x 20" H




plywood, Solid Wood

Product Detials:

Ergonomically designed to support good posture, the one piece construction and wide build make it sturdy and tip-resistant. Durable chair tips reduce noise and won’t mark the floor. Choose from 6 sizes so children can sit comfortably with their feet flat on the floor.

Product Dimensions

Height: 22½”

Depth: 15½”

Width: 14″


  • Strong, ergonomic design, supports good posture.
  • Ultra-stable, wide build.
  • All edges and corners are rounded for safety.
  • Durable chair tips reduce noise and won´t mark the floor.
  • Seat width: 12 ½”
  • Seat height: 12″
  • Seat depth: 11″
  • Weight limit: 180 lbs.
  • Stackable 5 high

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