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Xiair Climbing frame, folding table, multifunctional easel

The folding activity table and multifunctional easel are added to the regular climbing frame.
Children can easily enjoy a variety of game experiences at home, enriching parent-child activities and helping children grow happily

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Product Detials:

1, climbing frame: climbing frame can regulate the child’s sensory disorders, increase the child’s hands and feet muscle exercises, the climbing process can develop the child’s courage to overcome difficulties, each successful overturning can be
Enough to increase the child’s sense of achievement, to develop the child’s self-confidence!
2, climbing folding table: simple splicing will become an activity table, the child’s game time can be achieved, play blocks, do activities, study, read books, etc., wooden tables are strong and stable.
3, multi-functional easel: children can be on the easel, explore the creation of play their imagination, you draw I guess can increase the interaction between parents and children, enjoy happy and happy parent-child time.

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