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These kitchen stools are fun and beautiful pieces of furniture to add to your kitchen décor which allow the little ones in your lives to enjoy being apart of the activities in a safe and fun way. Our kitchen stools are made of real wood and designed in a way to allow children to safely work at the counter in your kitchen along side you. With 3 levels these stands adjust to your growing child. There are two platforms which are moveable. The top step and the bottom step.

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40L*37W*84H cm


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Product Detials:

Montessori toddler kitchen tower or Kitchen tower is an adjustable Montessori wood step stool or kids step stool for your toddler. A stepping stool or kitchen helper tower will help parents while cooking. Toddler stool is kids’ furniture that is designed according to Montessori furniture/ Montessori stool principles of independence building.

Kitchen tower FEATURES
✔️ Can be used for years- for children from around 1 till 6 years
✔️ 3 height levels – grow together with your child. BOTH top step and climbing step of the activity tower are adjustable in 3 levels so it grows together with your child.

Kitchen tower ADVANTAGES
✔️ Improves problem-solving skills
✔️ Encourages open-ended play
✔️ Boosts self-confidence
✔️ Teaches practical life skills- cooking, cleaning, washing hands, brushing teeth
✔️ Promotes accessibility, independence, and freedom of movement
✔️ Develops fine and gross motor skills –through washing, sorting, stirring, cutting ingredients, or kneading dough
✔️ Quality time together –time spent preparing dinner or washing dishes can turn into quality time with your child
✔️ Safety – don’t spend time worrying about your toddler falling
✔️ Perfect for a Montessori or Waldorf home

📌 ASSEMBLY: Tower is shipped de-assembled with instruction, assembly is very easy.
⚠️ SAFETY: The item has safety certification – EN 71-8:2018 Safety of toys – Part 8: Activity toys for domestic use.
The tower helps to keep your child safe while helping you in the kitchen but we at all times suggest having adult supervision for the extra safety of your child. We cannot be held responsible for accidents.

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