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Montessori Education

Early learning in nature

Doug Fargher says that “children who spend time outdoors and connect with the natural environment tend to be healthier, happier, stronger and have a greater respect for the environment.”

Montessori Education

How Does Play-Based Learning Set Your Child Up For Success?

Play-based learning is a teaching method that is centred around the idea of children learning through play. It’s similar to how babies learn from playing with their parents. By experiencing the world and exploring it, babies figure out how to get what they want and need in their own way.

Montessori Education

Why Is Creative Development Important In Early Childhood?

When creative learning is applied in early childhood development, it offers children the chance to be active participants in their learning, by fully engaging their bodies, minds, and senses.

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How Montessori teaches children to take care of themselves?

In Montessori methods, self-care is any activity that will help a child become independent in taking care of their bodies. Montessori methods teach self-care through learning stations where kids brush their hair, button their clothes or wash their own hands.

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What is the Main Purpose of Montessori?

While Montessori is known as a popular educational method for preschool children, its principles and main purpose serve the child for longer. The idea of observing the child to determine their needs, and allowing them to follow their interests, are good approaches to consider both in and out of the classroom.

Montessori Education

Montessori Education: Parents’ Role

By providing a lovely and warm environment at home, a kid feels that he or she is the most important treasure in the life of parents. Love helps children grow in trust and learn to be thoughtful to other people and the world they live in.

Montessori Education

What is Montessori Peace Education?

Montessori Peace Education is the core of what makes the Montessori Method a world-changing practice. Peace Education teaches children to be peaceful, positive members of a thriving society. Maria Montessori recognized that children are the keys to our future and made this practice one of the cornerstones of the Montessori Method.

Montessori Education

What does Montessori discipline look like?

Montessori uses positive discipline to teach children with clear communication about what is desirable and undesirable behavior. Positive discipline guides children to develop self-will and the freedom to make their own choices within limits, experience the choices, and learn from the consequences of their choices.

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