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Wooden baby high chair

Helps children be more attentive and focused during meals. Promotes good posture and balance. Help your little one feel more included. Makes mealtime more comfortable and safer

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One Size


48.8*49.69*92.5 cm



Solid Wood



Product Detials:

The staple of baby furniture, our adjustable wooden high chair is the perfect seat for children to sit in during meal times and grow into as they mature. This baby high chair is an item of high quality, focusing on your child’s comfort and safety, and makes a great gift for babies.

Wooden baby chair will allow the kid to feel like an adult and independent (will give the opportunity to sit at the table and leave without help of adults).

Will last a long time and reliably for a child and also come in handy as an additional or bar stool for adults. . Therefore, the footrest must always be used with the child’s safety harness fastened tight. You should always supervise your child in the highchair and do not leave them unattended.

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