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Wooden balance beam for kids

Balance wooden beam, inspired by Montessori philosophy.
Handcrafted in our workshop.
Desgined to help with coordination, balance and creativity, for our preciuos childrens.
Made to develop the physical activity, and motor skills.

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Solid Wood

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Boost your child’s learning ability through physical training at school or home with safe, fun, and thoughtfully designed toys just like these balance beams here!

Montessori Board is made from the finest quality birch wood, this balance beam set does not only strengthens the balancing skills of kids but greatly improves learning.
This innovative balance beam set for kids is an open-ended learning toy to improve your kid’s posture, balance, and hand-eye coordination skills.
A wooden balance board stimulates the vestibular system which is of great importance for general development & learning.

It’s a multipurpose board to be used as a balance beam, balance board, or stepping stool.
Your little ones will be ready to play with the toddler wooden toys while they crawl and when they start to walk.
Easy to assemble and take apart.

Balance Beam is a wonderful wooden toy that helps your child to develop balance and coordination skills. Balance Beam can be used not only by your child but also with his friends. More beams allow you to involve more children in the game! The material we use in manufacturing is plywood, which does not contain toxic substances. Our paint is water-based and safe for your child. The kit includes a balance beam with connectors. It is a great gift idea for a birthday, Christmas or any other day of the year.

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