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Xiair Climbing Frame/Playground Sturdy Ash Wood Includes Indoor Jungle Gym Indoor PlaySet

Recommended for kids ages 4-10. It features 8 games in one jungle gym for active play, silly fun, or a healthy workout. These include ladders (both wooden and rope), gymnastic rings, climbing ropes, slides, horizontal bars and rope wall nets. It can be folded up for storage when the kids are done playing. Additionally, there are two-way adjustable height positions at 73″ and 57″ tall. It only takes a few minutes to disassemble the playground and fold it onto the wall mount, or remove the playground from the wall mount and store it away.

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Product Detials:

  • Your youngster will have plenty of opportunities to practice balance with this wooden kids climbing gym playset. It contains climbing ropes, gymnastic rings, swings, Swedish ladder and a slide to help your youngster improve his or her athletic abilities.
  • Easy to Assemble: Our play gym for toddler is simple to put together. You can utilize the step-by-step instruction manual that comes with it. Set up at home or at a daycare center to provide quick amusement and creative outlets for children.
  • Suitable for all kids: This indoor jungle gym is suitable for all children aged 18 months and up. It is safe, sturdy, and provides a fun and educational experience. Its wood structure is secure and sturdy, and it will provide dependable service for many years.
  • Foldable for Easy Storage: This toddler play gym is also foldable for easy storage. It can be readily folded and stored in small locations when not in use for the most practical usefulness.
  • All-Year Recreation: The weather or other environmental factors should not impede your child’s growth and development. This toddler swing indoor gym will serve as a year-round recreational facility, whether it’s summer or winter.

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